Traveling is a hobby that connects people all over the world with nature. People from different regions have different travel destinations according to their preferences, some like traveling abroad to developed countries while some prefer to explore the historical places in the world. Every person needs to travel to some areas, either it is because of their jobs or to explore nature on vacations. But is traveling as easy as it looks? This question has different answers for different groups of people.

People in today’s world usually avoid any unwanted situation during their journeys and want to be sure about the safety of their money and life. Because of these things, travelers prefer to use the services of trusted vacation travel agencies available worldwide. One of such services includes the rental booking of campervans.

Top 3 Campervan Rentals in North America

We have gathered some of the best agencies that provide campervans rental services in North America. Below is a short description of these service providers.

1. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is a well-established company that provides a platform that connects travelers and campervan owners to make a deal of renting the vehicle. On their website, you can find a wide range of vans available that can be taken on rent. Their categories include the cars divided into various classes according to luxury, size, and options available for vans. The platform provides direct contact with the owner reducing the formalities caused by middlemen. You can choose a van of your choice and leave a review after the completion of your journey. The website displays a blog section to guide you more about traveling.

2. Cruise America

The company serves the same purpose, but unlike outdoorsy, it has a large fleet of vehicles available that can be rented for different periods. They are located in about 132 regions in the United States and Canada, covering all the central areas. Their rental costs may be pretty decent as they do not borrow cars from any other third party. They also offer an insurance policy and a few travel options(one-way and two-way travel). Their fleet is divided into four categories of vehicles according to the capacity of people they can bear. These categories contain large, standard, compact, and truck campers. They also sell pre-owned rental vehicles at different costs.

3. Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans is another one of the largest rental vans agencies in the USA. The company originated in New Zealand. Their camping vans are transformed from trucks and jeeps to serve the purpose. Their all vehicles are painted by local painters from the USA, and it enhances the looks of cars according to the travel type. Their cars can accommodate 2- people. They mostly claim to have the best cars, as they are designed and modified by themselves.


All the rental companies discussed above have different policies regarding rent, mileage, and insurance. They also vary in several services. Some outweigh others in one option, while others have any other dominant feature. You can check each of them through their sites and indeed will find the best suited for you.