For those looking to combine luxury and adventure, chartering a helicopter from Monaco to Courchevel offers an unrivaled travel experience. This exclusive route allows travelers to transition effortlessly from the Mediterranean coast to the Alpine slopes.

The Flight

The helicopter flight from Monaco to Courchevel takes approximately 90 minutes. This direct route provides stunning aerial views of the French Riviera, the Provence countryside, and the majestic Alps. Private helicopter charters offer speed, comfort, and the convenience of avoiding congested roads and airports.

Discovering Courchevel


Courchevel, part of the renowned Les Trois Vallées ski area, is famous for its world-class skiing, luxury chalets, and high-end boutiques. Visitors can enjoy exceptional slopes, après-ski activities, and gourmet dining in this exclusive Alpine resort. Courchevel’s blend of natural beauty and sophisticated amenities makes it a premier winter destination.

The Luxury of Private Travel

Flying privately from Monaco to Courchevel ensures a seamless and personalized travel experience. Passengers can enjoy flexible scheduling, bespoke in-flight services, and the privacy of a dedicated flight. This bespoke travel option caters to individual preferences, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey.

A helicopter charter from Monaco to Courchevel is the ultimate way to travel in style, offering an exclusive and luxurious start to an unforgettable Alpine adventure.