This exotic charter destination ticks all the criteria for those wishing to venture off the beaten route of the Caribbean and Mediterranean. The Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat remains one of the world’s most breathtaking cruising places. More than 1,500 barely inhabited forest-covered islands, cays, and coves make up Raja Ampat, which has beautiful sand beaches, coral reefs, and natural landscapes awaiting yacht charter exploration. Lady Azul, a 34.9-meter Heesen yacht built to the finest standards and available for hire, is ready to take you on an expedition across Raja Ampat.

We give five reasons why you should hire a yacht and explore the tropical paradise of Raja Ampat.


This location, also known as the gateway of Raja Ampat, is a perfect starting point for your adventure across Raja Ampat. It is the largest city in West Papua and is located on the westernmost tip of New Guinea’s island, making it an ideal place to stock up on supplies before leaving. Prior to departure from Sorong Harbour, sample some delectable local cuisine and explore its meandering streets. Enjoy the magnificent green-turquoise waters, coral reefs, and marine life as you sail through the Damier Strait; if you’re lucky, you may even spot migratory whales.


Waige, the largest of the four major islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, provides a variety of activities, including birdwatching, jungle trekking, and visits to old cultural sites. Visit the Saporen village and discover more about the famed naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace’s attempt to find the rare Red Bird of Paradise, which is native to the region. Mayalibit Bay, which practically divides the island in half, is well worth a visit, since the indigenous Maya people who live around its shores have constructed a unique network of trekking paths and hiking lodges to the beautiful jungles in the interior.

Boo Islands A smaller chain of islands located in the westernmost portion of Raja Ampat, the lovely Boo Islands should not be missed. Explore the magnificent barrier reef via diving. Then, travel ashore on Boo Besar island, one of the larger islands, to get up up and personal with the native species that inhabits the dense, green mangroves and lagoons. Visit the little community built on stilts to get a personal look at island life.


This private island, one of the four main islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, is home to an eco-resort and is believed to be one of the best places for diving enthusiasts. Angelfish, parrotfish, and manta rays are abundant in these seas, which are home to a number of well-known locations, including Magic Mountain and Boo Windows. Several caverns in the vicinity provide unique and fascinating insights into the local culture and history.


The amazing panoramic views of the area’s coves and small islands are a perfect complement to the area’s gorgeous, fine white-sand beaches. Swim in the blue waters before boarding the tender and walking around the island. Hike to the summit of its tallest peak, Pindito, for a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding area, or go snorkeling in its glistening lagoons. Eagle’s Rock is a site that experienced divers will enjoy investigating.